Street level sex workers are the most marginalized group at risk for violence and abuse. The nature of their work puts them at risk. The majority of womyn and girls involved in street level sex work/sexual exploitation in Prince George are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Some had this addiction prior to their involvment in sex work. Others started their addiction after they began working. Either way, many of them use it as a coping mechanism for what they face out there while working on the streets.
This by no means allows for the justification of violence against them. Some of the most horrific crimes have been done against womyn involved in sex work or sexually exploited youth. The Ridegeway, Pickton, Ipswich, and Ripper murders are just a few of the rampages done against these womyn and girls.
When will we as a society say enough is enough? These are womyn who are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and so much more. Many of them are children and youth who have been forced into it.
Why do womyn and youth become involved in sex work and survival sex? Coercion, being forced, drugs, money, food, shelter clothing… Does it really matter how they got involved in it? It is our responsibility as a community to understand the nature behind sex work because only then can we truly provide meaningful support.


At New Hope we recognize that there is a lack of services for womyn in the sex industry. We strive to bridge the gap in services for sex workers through creating a place of safety and security for womyn to access support services pertinent to their needs

Drop-In Center for Womyn in Sex Work & Survival Sex

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday | 8:30am – 4:00pm |

Closed for lunch |12:00pm – 1:00pm|

Drop-In Hours:

Monday – Friday | 9:30am – 4:00pm |

Wednesdays |1:00pm – 4:00pm|

1046 – 4th Avenue
Pr. George V2L 3J1


To identify and address the barriers that women, both adult and youth, face while working in sex work and survival sex in Prince George and Northern BC; To facilitate educational opportunities that will empower women, both adult and youth, who work and live in this environment; To improve the health status of people living with HIV/AIDS and HCV; furthermore, to address the issues around STD’s and other diseases to individuals and community; To support and promote experiential leadership, the development of essential services and a continuum of services for active sex workers; and, To address the barriers and bridge the gap in services around mental health and addictions issues for sex workers in this community.


New Hope believes in the fundamental and human rights and dignity of sex workers and seeks to bring these women empowerment and support in making informed choices.

We understand that many women involved in sex work and survival sex may have lost a sense of safety and security because of the nature of their experiences and trade. We strive to provide a caring atmosphere of encouragement and safety using a non-judgmental approach to help bridge this gap and restore hope.

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  • To do research to identify the needs of sex workers, particularily survival sex workers and sexually exploited youth, in this community. The purpose behind this is to assist womyn in this environment to make healthy choices. We will use a participatory focus to facilitate womyn in evaluating the project.
  • To collect information and data on the working conditions for sex workers and identify methods for enhancing crime prevention activities and strategies in the downtown for and with this group of womyn
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Networking with womyn in sex work and survival sex in Prince George has given us an understanding of what the womyn accessing services from New Hope want in our community. This is their perspective and we have, and will continue to incorporate their needs into the project:
1. Safer working conditions — “You only succeed in driving us further into danger.” In general, sex work and survival sex in Prince George, as well as many other Northern communities is mobilized by addiction and poverty. Instilling fear tactics on the “stroll” is not going to curb the visibility of prostitution.

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