The Prince George New Hope Society was initially founded by Christal Capostinsky in July 2005. Christal is a human rights activist for marginalized womyn, particularly womyn involved in sex work and also has many other roles in the community. Her creativity and passion to generate change for oppressed womyn in the north arose from her involvement with the BC Coalition of Experiential Women (BCCEW). Soon after the proposed idea, another young womyn working at Communities Against Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CASEY) showed interest in joining as a collective to work against the oppressive systems that target womyn involved in sex work, including survival sex workers.

Sherrice Lucier, the research assistant for CASEY, was the first womyn to join in the efforts to create New Hope. She is a community researcher specializing in advocating for womyn at street level around issues such as homelessness and sexual exploitation. Taking on the role of researcher at the centre seemed the most natural thing for her to do. Together, the two womyn began to strengthen community alliances and move forward with opening up a drop-in centre for sex workers. The centre opened their doors for the first time on September 4th, 2005 and was officially incorporated as a society on October 20th, 2005. This dynamic duo was supported and encouraged by other well established community activists and professionals who have offered advice and support in the establishment of the centre.

Over the years, New Hope has continued to grow and evolve. Today in 2019 we are pleased to say we are still running and supporting sex workers, and all marginalized women, in the Prince George community, and all across northern British Columbia.

Many thanks to our current members, workers and volunteers who work so hard to continue to keep the doors open at New Hope, and create a place of warmth, safety and security for our members!